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AITS Septic Service

In Your Neighborhood Since 1963


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Local family business

Born and raised in Manassas, we have a vested interest in keeping our community clean, safe and healthy.

In your neighborhood

Friendly, reliable team

Comprehensive service

Call us for septic tank cleaning and septic repair, pump tank cleaning and pump repair, and grease trap cleaning. We also provide mortgage loan inspections, and pump and haul contracts.

Trust a team with a record of providing outstanding service and reliable solutions since 1963.

Our service area spans Northern Virginia, Prince William and Fairfax Counties.

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Reliable Septic Services

" They were great! The scheduling was prompt and they showed up when they said they were going to show up. The technician was helpful in describing the work that needed to be done and I didn't regret it. They performed very well. "

Waste Disposal Policy


AITS Septic Service Inc. maintains accurate and complete sewage handling records and monitors the drivers daily to ensure proper documentation of pickup and disposal.


AITS Septic Service Inc. instructs all employees that sewage may only be dumped at locations designated by approved sewage treatment facilities in accordance with Virginia law and local ordinance.


AITS Septic Service Inc. is strongly committed to a policy of compliance with the law and with the maintenance of high standards. AITS employees share in the continuing responsibility to maintain and comply with this policy.

Septic Truck, Waste Removal Services in Manassas, VA


The policy of AITS Septic Service Inc., family owned since 1963, is to comply with the highest standards of business ethics. This imposes on AITS employees a higher standard of ethical conduct than mere compliance with the law. In all of their dealings with others, AITS employees must exercise the highest degree of honesty and integrity.



Penny S. Aits,  AITS Septic Service Inc.

Virginia Department of Health

Permit #175-73-0007

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