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August 12, 2014

"Showed up on time and took my payment over the phone. Except for a fresh pile of dirt where my septic tank lid was uncovered, I would not know they were here. Would recommend this company."


August 04, 2014

"Great provider who was timely and diligent. Will definitely use them again."


July 28, 2014

"The Aits family runs two businesses:

Aits Septic Service Inc:  does pump outs

Aits Septic Repair Service Inc: does septic repair.

As I can't figure out which company this review applies to, I am providing review of both.

Mr. Aits took time to thoroughly check everything out before recommending any repairs. The existing installation did not meet current code and probably didn't meet code when it was installed 20 years ago.  Mr. Aits reconfigured the piping, wiring, and float valves to meet code and to provide reliable service.  One pump had failed and the other no longer met the county requirements.  Both pumps were replaced with new, good quality pumps - I verified this through product reviews on the internet.  The pricing was reasonable although I probably could have bought the pumps myself for a little less but then I would have had to install them and there would not have been any guarantee.


In order to do the repair, Mr. Aits called on his sister's business to do the pumpouts.  This task was remarkable for its speed and lack of any issues whatsoever.  Cost for the tank and chamber was about $400.  System repair cost was about $3000 for two pumps plus the associated wiring, parts, and labor."


July 28, 2014

"First of all, we knew the septic needed pumping because we have a back flow in the basement, so we had already gotten off to a bad start that morning.  We called and they came out that same day.  That was the easy part.  To shorten an incredibly long story, once he got there and started probing, we found that the former owners had damaged the lid and fabricated a new one without leaving an access point for pumping.  It was a disaster. None of  us had ever seen anything like it - even the driver and a supervisor that came out.  We ended up cutting a new access point so they could pump the tank, but the whole process took well over three hours.  Our appointment was the last one of the day, but both of them stayed until it was done - off the clock - to help us solve our problem.


The honesty and genuine caring shown by the employees of this company has me sold.  If I have any septic issues from now on, they will be my first call."