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Regular septic tank cleaning prevents blockages, protects your family's health, safeguards your property and will save you money in the long run. Based in Manassas, AITS Septic Service provides comprehensive solutions to residential and commercial customers throughout Northern Virginia, Prince William County and Fairfax County. From septic tank cleaning to sewage pump installation, we do it all!

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If your property requires more regular cleaning, ask our friendly team about Pump and Haul contracts.


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Professional cleaning of your septic tank is advisable every 3 to 5 years, or yearly for a big family. Enjoy the convenience of our reminder service and preventative maintenance schedule.

Enjoy peace of mind with periodic cleaning

Count on us to keep your septic systems in full working order. Our process begins with removing the lid and using a hose to thoroughly pump everything out of your tank. Your sewage will be safely disposed of at an assigned facility. If you need outgoing tee filters cleaned, broken or deteriorated lids replaced, or your tank raised above ground, talk to our experts. If necessary, we can dig a hole of up to 18” at no extra charge.

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